Type of Solutions

Telecommunication Solutions

IP PBX, Analog Phone, SIP Phone, Audio & Video Conferencing, Professional Communication headset etc…..
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Wevo Hotel Communication Solutions

WevoPBX is easy to deploy and manage
via WEB interface. Receptionist or
Operator can utilitse WEB operator panel
for calls monitoring and transfer. A web
user portal for user to set their own call
forwarding, Web Fax, CDR and etc.
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Residential Intercom Solutions

Residential Intercom System and Solution

The SIP-based residential intercom solution provides excellent user experience as well as convenience and security.
It also gives efficient deployment, operation, extension and
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Office Intercom Solution

Office Intercom System and Solution

Monitor staff and clients’ activities that ensure the environment is safe and protected
in an emergency. You can also either communicate with someone or look at the
visitor before you respond in person or head to the front door…. etc
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KN Tech Paga System Instructions

KNTECH Offshore platform PAGA (Public Address and General Alarm) system is an
important part of internal communication. PAGA technical field is integrated PABX
(phone system) and the audio/video intercom, paging, broadcast, commend and …..
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5 way intercom with masters - KNTech

The elevator Intercom system will be applied to elevator emergency or maintenance application. Also applicable for shipping center, bus terminal, …
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